Why "Nitewrit"

NITEWRIT, what is that? An illiterate's spelling of night write; something risking dropping a couple of letters turning it into Nit Wit?
It has its genesis in the primeval days of the public Internet when AOL was the giant omnipresent in cyberspace. In the picking of a screen name, my choice was night writer, a bit of a pun on night rider, and a descriptive moniker for my situation -- working a day job and scribbling at night. Ah, but that name was taken, as was night write, nightwrite, nitewriter and nitewrite and several other combinations of similar nature. It was nitewrit that was available and I have been stuck with it ever since.

Although, at that time, it was about me and my scrivener career, it has a new connotation now for "my eyes stay open through the watches of the night that I may meditate on [God's] promises" and type my thoughts here to clarify my beliefs in the light of morning. (The quote is from Psalm 119, in case you wondered.)

Anyway, I just wanted to satisfy any curiosity about the name nitewrit, thus this brief bit of fluff.

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