Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Home at the Holidays: Christmas Decor

So Woman on a Mission posted some lovely pictures of her home decorated up for Christmas on her "Coffee, God and Me" Blog.  (Clicking on the title of this post will take you to her Blog.) She asked readers to do the same. I am posting some photos of my place in return. 


The photo to the left isn't one of them. It is of my kids taken on Christmas 14 years ago. (Hard to believe.) Their ages then were 16, 14 and 12. 

Stepped out side in the rain this evening at twilight and turned on the lights on our hedges.

The stocking of animal faces are hung on the rail.

Looking up to the living room level from the entryway.

The tree. It was in the other corner of the room until it fell over. Now it is here.
I put on the lights. My wife does the trimming.  That is "Holiday Inn" with Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire playing on the TV.
The fireplace from the entry way.

The mantle. My wife collects nutcrackers. The picture is an Andrew Wyeth. We have a yellow lab like in the painting.  
More nutcrackers and my wife's ceramic village in the secretary desk cabinet.
Still some more nutcrackers in the hallway.
Top of the entertainment center, another Andrew Wyeth painting.
Hutch across from the dining room table.
The dining room.
The full dining room. The tower sticking up in the lower left corner is a cat scratching post.
The Santa in a hot air balloon hanging from the rafter. My kids high school graduation portraits are on the wall behind. 

Somebody else's turn.


  1. Larry, I hope you, the wife and your children have a wonderful Christmas.

    Thanks for the tour.


  2. Nice Larry,
    Looks like you've been busy today. Picture taking then loading them to your blog.
    I have to admit. I have not grown to a place where I can feel comfortable with decorating for Christmas.
    For me, there is way too much symbolism to something else.
    I have been praying about doing a blog on it.
    But, to get you started, I will tell you that at one time in this country (New England area) celebrating Christmas was illegal.
    If you pursue this lead, you may discover why I do not want to put decorations up.
    Now, I will tell you that I saw a very large display of lights this evening. A sign said, "Tune your radio to 106.1fm". I did, and the lights were in sync with the music on my car stereo. The all had different parts as well.

  3. Your house seems warm and cozy. May your Christmas with the Family be a wonderful one!

    God bless you Larry

  4. Larry, thanks for sharing the Christmas pics of your house! I have always enjoyed Christmas decorations ... for me it brings back so many happy memories of childhood and Christmas at home, as well as the new happy memories that are being cast each year. Here's the ornament my grandmother gave me; here's an ornament my oldest son made for me when he was 4; here's an ornament from Mom; etc. Thanks for posting and sharing the pics of your home!

  5. It's fun to see other's decorations! Feels like I came over for a visit! Now, where is the hot chocolate? :-) I must provide that myself, you say? Well, well! That hardly seems hospitable! ;-)