Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hold Your Four Horses of the Apocalypses (Yes, Apocalypses)

Left, William Miller - "Jesus Christ will return between March 21, 1843 and March 21, 1844."

Okay, for those impatient for the end of the world there is good news. You do not have to wait until December 21, 2012. The new date for the end to come is October 21, 2011. We have that on good authority, one Harold Camping.

Now I don't know for sure if Mr. Camping reads my Blog, but apparently he has picked up on my suggestion that God, being patient and loving, might delay the finale. This seems to be his explanation from the little I have heard so far today.

Right, Mayan Calendar: "The world will end on December 21, 2012."

Camping had, of course, actually predicted October 21 to be the end of the world. What he claimed would happen on May 21 was the Rapture and a great worldwide earthquake and the beginning of Judgment. He now says God, being merciful, put all that off to October 21, including the Rapture of the Campingites.  I do not know if that is the proper term, but I know many people are afflicted with Campingitis.

Left, Harold Camping: "The world will end in 1994 maybe...er, make that May 21, 2011 absolutely...uh, let's say October 21, 2011 and I'm pretty sure this time, I think."

Why? Because God in his mercy would not even put sinners through the hell of the next five months if that earthquake has happened.  Now it will all be over with very quickly. Much more quicker that the predictions of Harold Camping seem to be over.

For my wife, here is the bad news and the good news. October 21 comes too late to get her out of Jury Duty in July or August, but she will get to celebrate one more birthday. Given there will only be about a week left, though, I probably won't get her anything too expensive.

I said in my past post I thought Camping was sincere and he believed in his own research, but if he came up with another date I'd begin to doubt that sincerity. Now I am even a bit suspect of his so-called deep Bible study that determined all this dating. I am beginning to think he may have been dipping into some old-time Adventist literature. Not just this setting dates thing, but his teaching there is no Millennium Rule of Christ and no Hell; that the unsaved simply cease to exist.

Left, Charles Taze Russel: "The Second Coming of Christ and the end of the world will be in 1914."  [I don't know if there was a 21st of anything in there.]

William Miller put the date off a few times, saying he must have miscalculated his math somewhere (where have we heard that before) and others decided it had happened, but as a spiritual thing and the real bad stuff still awaited God's decision (which seems familiar, too). Russel, who was influenced by Miller made a couple more stabs at it after 1914 came and went, but like Miller, died before the end came. That is because those guys were born too soon and couldn't possibly have lived to October 21, 2011.

I suppose I will be writing another post about these non-events on October 22, 2011. Unless the Lord should come before then, certainly a possibility.

You see I do believe in Christ's Second Coming, in Judgment Day and in the end of this world. Here is what I have to say about the date. I don't know it. You see, someone once said, "No man knows the day or hour," someone with much more authority that William Miller or Charles Taze Russel or even Harold Camping, a gentlemen known as The Lord Jesus Christ.


  1. FROM GREG at Jesus is Wonderful:

    That guy just doesn't quit, does he? At least his ministry said that they will try to return some of the donations.

    Later in the 19th century, fundamentalists such as D.S. Warner believed the end was coming very soon, though I'm not sure that they predicted any particular dates. The Church of God (the one based in Anderson, IN) was born out of that movement. Just a little food for thought.

    If anything, this whole thing has made me think more deeply about what I should be doing to further His kingdom, as we see the end approach... no matter if it's tomorrow or in another thousand years.


  2. Lar,
    The only thing I know for sure is that I will die. You will die. Everyone on earth will die. Not for a second do I believe any of these false prophets who claim they know when the end of the world will happen. Why would God talk to them? Why would He talk to anyone. Even if there is a God, which I don't believe, why the games in the first place? When we die, there is nothing. It is a void, blank, nothingness. That is the only thing that make sense to me. Anything else, including what is called "faith" or "belief" is something to give people comfort against the unknown. I have no problem with that, if your believe gives you comfort, them I'm happy for you. but all this 'spreading the word' and evangelical need is not necessary. It is only a certain group attempting to control and direct another group with is the source of all the conflict, harm, misery and death in this world since the beginning of time. Believe what you want to believe but leave me to my own life. Take care of what you feel are you needs, don't concern yourself with my salvation.

  3. 'Left, Harold Camping: "The world will end in 1994 maybe...er, make that May 21, 2011 absolutely...uh, let's say October 21, 2011 and I'm pretty sure this time, I think."'

    Funny, well-done.

  4. LOL! he just won't give it up will he... God needs to take him and put him out of his misery.. JK but come on.. now It's Oct 21st.. i can't believe it.. LOL!

    Tammy :)

  5. Thanks, Larry, for leaving a comment on my blog. I don't know how you maintain so many blog sites.

    There have always been false prophets, and such are certainly deceivers. One day they will have to make an account for their words and actions when they stand before God on Judgment Day.

    You say about yourself:
    Studied commercial art with the aim of becoming a cartoonist. Temple University majoring in Sociology, Camden County College majoring in System Analysis and Widener University majoring in Accounting.

    Interesting. I was saved as a result of a guy in my Commercial Art class witnessing to me. And I did cartoons for a magazine for a couple years. I did not attend Temple University, but I did attend Bob Jones University (as well as Miami-Dade Community College, and one term at University of North Florida).